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YCombinator startup school
Custom LinkedIn labels and filters for Sales people.
CleanMyFeed allows users to become more productive while using LinkedIn feed by creating custom labels and filter irrelevant posts out of the feed.
How it works? We check posts before you see it and label them
This way you may skip the post if feel COVID is not what you need right now!
And that's it? What about filtering?
If you are 100% sure you don't want to see Hiring, #Kudos and Covid19 updates - go ahead and switch them OFF.
CleanMyFeed filtering is Free for everyone
Why people rely on LinkedIn?
There are 3 key types of insights Account Executives open LinkedIn every day for.
Prospects career updates
New Role or even New Company - changes like that are considered to be a great signal. It is worth to discuss opportunities with Clients and Prospects. Great trigger!
Trends and Important vibes
Decision Makers (DM) do not post a lot on social networks... But when they do it those are pieces of gold! They are important - don't miss these important vibes!
Stay in touch, be around
Ask yourself do Decision Makers actively use LinkedIn? Yes, 95% like somebodies posts within previous 7 days. The DO read a lot on LinkedIn and Sales people should actively post insightful updates to remind Prospects of themselves.
LinkedIn feed is a mess... True!
But is CleanMyFeed a game-changer? If you could only hide those annoying Likes, Comments, Ads, Communities or Hashtags?
We've made CleanMyFeed for people around the world
We've got bunch of features. And even more to go live soon - we've just started!
All features are avaialable for Free!
Tailored filtering
Choose any of 8 content types.
Zero risk for profile and reputation
Google verified! CleanMyFeed works as any Adblock software do.
Save time!
Every minute of using CleanMyFeed saves you another 2 minutes.
Get CleanMyFeed until FREE!
We are kidding - CleanMyFeed Basic extension will remain free until the very last day!
You need CleanMyFeed if you are
If you are still not sure and continue reading this page, we've got even more to tell you.
Outbound Leadgen Jedi
You are paid when Leads is talking to you, right? People answer you in 0,1% cases. You are reaching Leads in Posts and Comments, but you are distracted by Cats, Motivation Leader and Advertising on LinkedIn. Tough, but have you at least tried to sort the stuff up?
Sales Manager
There are always at least 50-100 "warm" connections on LinkedIn. Among at least 5000 "spammers". But you don't read the feed, cause you do not have time. You have a fear of missing out, since you do not get Signals from your Leads.
Account Manager
You have 3-5 Accounts you are in charge of, 3-7 Key people, besides your Champions. You check your LinkedIn feed daily in order to not miss any news or updates from your Clients to Like/Comment them. You know that Competitors' Hunters are always around.
Head of Sales
You have a beautiful Sales Machine. Automation level is high. Leads are coming, getting scored, etc. If Leads did not choose you, what is your "warming up" strategy? Sales are overloaded, Leads are "lost", but what if they are the real and potential boost?
If you understand that professional networking is important and you are constantly working on deepen the relationship with people, you definitely want to be focused and efficient - CleanMyFeed is you.
Was it all about the button size? :-)
We are happy you are about to try CleanMyFeed and press even bigger button
More people use CleanMyFeed every day
Our clients love us
Don't have time to try right now?
We will send you the link to download
Your experience matters!
CleanMyFeed Product team talks to every CleanMyFeed user. It is mission critical for us to know we help our users. Please help us make the CleanMyFeed product better - join the community!
the very last sections
For the case you've scrolled until here we answered even more question
How it works
It is very simple: CleanMyFeed plugin patiently waits until you scroll for more content on you LinkedIn Feed page, and once it's there validates and makes the decision Keep or Remove the post from your browser based on your preferences: various combinations of 8 types of content.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you press the Turn Off toggle, and refresh the page all the content will be loaded back and successfully displayed to you. For more details please refer to How it works explanatory page here.
What are the "8 types of content"
    Currently we help users to differentiate 8 types of content:

    • Likes & Reactions: When you are about to press Like button on LinkedIn there are 6 types of likes: Like, Celebrate, Support, Love, Insightful and Curious. We call them Reactions.
    • Commented - those types of posts, when your Connection comments someones post, but you have 0 interest to that person.
    • Company Activities - all the types of Activities in the feed, triggered by any corporate page (not a LinkedIn person)
    • Group Updates - if you are a part of any group/community on LinkedIn, you are getting some updates from them in your feed. Sometimes it's annoying and distracting.
    • Promoted Content - simply Ads.
    • Job Updates - Anniversaries, as well as different Job offerings.
    • Hashtags - if you are subscribed and follow any Tags on LinkedIn, you are getting some updates from them in your feed. Sometimes it's annoying and distracting.
    • Personal Posts & Shares - pretty much everything else can be called a Post - when some Person Writes a post, article or at least shares someones post - it is covered by this option
    We are 100% that if something is not clear to any of our user - it's our job to react, improve and explain. Please feel free to reach out if you still have any questions by joining any community or using any form on site.
    Do you plan to provide any deeper filtering options?
      CleanMyFeed Product and Engineering team is continuously working on improving the product. We do Customer Development sessions every week and already build the list of features in our product Backlog - you can see them here, where you can not only read and vote for ideas, but also Submit your own.

      But there is even an easier way - join our Telegram or LinkedIn community.
      Do you have limits for numbers of connections on LinkedIn?
      Is CleanMyFeed secure?
      CleanMyFeed is committed to protecting the security of your Information and takes reasonable precautions to protect it.
      Моre information about secure you can get from our Privacy Policy.

      Can I see the content I've just filtered? Do you delete it forever?
      CleanMyFeed temporarily hides posts from the feed, but not delete any of your or anyone else's data. You can switch the toggle to OFF position and press Update and refresh button and see all the content/post in your feed back.
      Do you provide support 24/7? Does CleanMyFeed delete any of my data?
      Just submit a ticket.
      Is it lifetime Free?
      Yes, all the features you got are lifetime free.
      Do you have Privacy Policy?
      Of course we do. All the policies are there.
      Are you GDPR compliant?
      Of course we do. All the policies are there.
      What is CleanMyFeed LinkedIn community?
      Oh, it is better to see it. Join the Telegram chat.
      Give CleanMyFeed a chance!
      Just put your email and get the download link from Google Chrome Store