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Welcome to CleanMyFeed
Thank you for installing CleanMyFeed Google Chrome extension
Here are more details
See the Widget at the right bottom
If you do not see it try to refresh your LinkedIn home page or contact Support team!
Choose between 9 system filtering categories OR create your own
CleanMyFeed enables LinkedIn feed filtering

You may decide which topics you would like to hide:
  • Influencer's content
  • Viral/Hype content
  • Group updates
  • Promoted content
  • Hiring
  • Events
  • #Kudos
  • Covid19
  • Politics
But we did not stop there and gave registered users the opportunity to create custom filtering categories in addition to the system filters.
Labels on the top of the post
We tag posts that relate to the filtering topics with a label. You may not even filter the content, but our labels will help your see what's that post is about and decide whether it's worth reading it.

If you think a LinkedIn post should belong to one of the system filtering categories configured by us and AI algorithms did not detect it, please let us know by clicking on "Suggest Label".
We really appreciate the feedback from our users.
You can pin the CleanMyFeed extensions in the Chrome toolbar for faster access to the CMF pop-up window
We are planning to bring even more features and make the pop-up window more functional.
Creating your account is optional
But you can get the full power of CleanMyFeed upon Sign up: custom filters and labels.