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#3. March 2 - CleanMyFeed 2.0

Version 1.9.0 - Release notes
We are thrilled to announce the new version of CleanMyFeed 2.0. We decided to provide you with the all-new feature set to filter your LinkedIn feed.

"Take it. Hold it. Love it."
CleanMyFeed is a strong tool. Use it responsibly :-)
We are thrilled to announce the new version of CleanMyFeed 2.0. We decided to provide you with the all-new feature set to filter your LinkedIn feed.

What's new?
1. New filters

- Influencer's content - CleanMyFeed now allows to filter out all the posts if the author is marked as Influencer by LinkedIn (e.g. Bill Gates, etc)
- Viral/Hype content - every post which consumed 500+ likes most-likely is not an insights, right? It's a hype and now you may want to filter this noise out.
- Group updates - LinkedIn groups (communities) are great, and we all need them, but sometimes it's just not the right time to see someone's post in the feed when you are trying to focus and is up to something. Feel free to uncheck and hide them.
- Promoted content - should we tell you that promoted content may keep at least 10% of your feed. Should you have the right to switch it off for some time?
- Hiring - all the posts marked or tagged as #hiring and similar stuff take too much space. We observe this category as Top-3 feed space consumers, so we decided to let you decide whether you need this.
- Clubhouse buzz - no comment, you got that!
- #Kudos - great feature, but do you know that guy? This is between those too guys and their closest colleagues. Simply hide it if you think this way.
- Covid19 - it's 143% important, but we need to learn how to set this all on hold sometimes... and focus. Now you can.
- Politics and Humor - those are different filters, but wait a minute... Ok, still different, so decide yourself.
2. New labels.
You may not even filter the content, but our labels will help your see what's that post is about and decide whether it's worth reading it.

3. Do you have an idea to improve the plugin?
Guys, if you really need something else, if you have any brilliant ideas - let us know. There is a link in the plugin. Go to our support portal and choose Suggest an improvement option.

4. Guest mode is 100% functional. Sign up is optional.

Thank you! That's it!

Who are we?
Let's get acquainted: we are CleanMyFeed (or just CMF) – an ambitious team from Minsk, Belarus.
What are we? A B2B SaaS Startup, founded in the end of stressful 2020, which is now entering the market with its solution in the fields of SalesTech and AI/ML.
In our blog, we are going to share our path to success (in which we strongly believe). Hope, this will help someone or will just kind of useful amusing content. Anyway, let us know in case it helps you, we'll be pleased!

Why do we call the start scary? Well, every founder(s), aimed at a good result do worry about how fast would he/she/they achieve the goal as well as they try their best to take the team through as less possible difficulties as it is possible.

Now when you are interested is the perfect time to reveal the product features
CleanMyFeed is a smart tailoring tool for LinkedIn content feed.
CleanMyFeed is a new plugin, which helps to spend x10 times less time scrolling through users' LinkedIn news feeds every day and hide up 93% of this content, which turns to be irrelevant.
— How did the idea appeared?
— We were tired of the amount of the garbage-content in the feed. Here we mention the vast quantity of likes of cats photos or family portraits we didn't want to see while solving some business questions in LinkedIn. The problem was also in the structure of feed of the profiles with a wide connections network. The conglomeration of information is no way effective.
So, these are the main reasons for our product birth.

We do hope you found smth close for you personally in our ideas and our plugin. We'll be glade if you check our future posts. There we will reveal the stags of our growth and changes.

Glad to meet you!