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#1. January 2021 - scary start

So, Hi! Here we are, with our ideas, hypothesis and strong will. It's a pleasure to be on the ride and share our experience with sympathizers!

Who are we?
Let's get acquainted: we are CleanMyFeed (or just CMF) – an ambitious team from Minsk, Belarus.
What are we? A B2B SaaS Startup, founded in the end of stressful 2020, which is now entering the market with its solution in the fields of SalesTech and AI/ML.
In our blog, we are going to share our path to success (in which we strongly believe). Hope, this will help someone or will just kind of useful amusing content. Anyway, let us know in case it helps you, we'll be pleased!

Why do we call the start scary? Well, every founder(s), aimed at a good result do worry about how fast would he/she/they achieve the goal as well as they try their best to take the team through as less possible difficulties as it is possible.

First, the goals of the first release are:
The primary goals of the first release are:
Penetrate market-entrance barrier
This demands a wide-frame preparation. F.e.: the USP, collaboration abilities or good UI.
Start to receive feedback from real users
This point is aimed at total progress of the concept. At this stage we are able to corroborate or refute existing hypothesizes, to inculcate new features basing on reveled insights and learn the scale of usefulness of the product.
Create a basis for pivoting and experiments
As you may see, this point is closely connected with the previous one.

Now when you are interested is the perfect time to reveal the product features
CleanMyFeed is a smart tailoring tool for LinkedIn content feed.
CleanMyFeed is a new plugin, which helps to spend x10 times less time scrolling through users' LinkedIn news feeds every day and hide up 93% of this content, which turns to be irrelevant.
— How did the idea appeared?
— We were tired of the amount of the garbage-content in the feed. Here we mention the vast quantity of likes of cats photos or family portraits we didn't want to see while solving some business questions in LinkedIn. The problem was also in the structure of feed of the profiles with a wide connections network. The conglomeration of information is no way effective.
So, these are the main reasons for our product birth.

We do hope you found smth close for you personally in our ideas and our plugin. We'll be glade if you check our future posts. There we will reveal the stags of our growth and changes.

Glad to meet you!