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Outbound sales hacks
You may have learnt what is the difference between inbound and outbound sales in our previous article. And now let's see what are the specific methods, which can improve your sales.
We tries to sum up all the necessary points to do and follow.
Check if you use them!
EMail Tracks
While using the email channel, please, don't forget about email tracks. Why? They are a cool tool to track your performance. You'll be able to see whether your emails are being received, open, and read. This would let you see the full picture of the utility of this channel.
Interests filters
Use the user's interests filters to reach out for a prospective audience and not to waste your time on those who are not interested. Time is money! The most striking example is LinkedIn. It shows what are the persons' interests, the organizations and individuals he or she follows, the place of work and what not. If you have the opportunity to find out as much as possible about a potential buyer without direct contact with him/her, you must squeeze everything out of this opportunity and save your time.
Check Social Media in advance
Use the information from social media to get your cold calls warmer. You may check some mutual connections or common companies following to learn that a person may be interested in your products.
Voicemail automation
Voicemail automation has already stopped being an innivation while telephone calling. If you don't have it yet, you're a bit late – it is already the 21 century! With a single click your sales reps get more time as well as save their psychological health (we all know some clients are not so polite). That's a way to valid information without parrot immitation.
Click-to-deal from CRMs
Using click-to-deal from CRMs is necessary. Especially helpful when you are using lead list views in the CRM: you don't have to waste your time to search for a contact listed in you plan - with a CRM it i s a one click deal! And in case you don't use a CRM yet – well, bad news for you.
Local presence dealers
Leads have been proven to answer calls from local area codes far more often than toll-free or long distance numbers. A local presence dialer can radically improve connection rates by enabling outbound reps to always dial leads from numbers with local area codes.
These were all the necessities for now. Check out our blog later to see the new features!
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