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This column will be dedicated to latest features in buisiness and marketing
Developing and promoting business charges to keep up-to-date. Especially if we talk about marketing. In this column you'll find latest content trends and advice.
As we can see by the latest 2019-2020 videos have become top demanded and top payed type of content. As predicted, videos and webinars are going to continue conquering the digital space.
This particular type of content fits most modern consumer requirements. People now want to get information quickly or even tend to study simultaneously with doing everyday tasks. In the hard times of pandemic the will to interact is stronger than ever.
By analyzing this HubSpot survey you can make sure: video content is now a gold mine for marketers.
Mix it!
Videos are on top. BUT that doesn't mean you should only have videos in your content strategy. Proper combining different types of content, having videos at the forefront would be the finest plan. Moreover, it's important to make various video formats depending on your brand niche and industry (FAQ, educational, how-to videos, commercials and so on – you are free to choose the one you need).
Here are some advice which may be useful:
Make a TikTok account for your brand. Now it counts almost 37.5 mln users. Having an account in TT greatly contributes to raising brand awareness. It is also a great tool to create a loyal community around your brand, which will help to sell specific products|services.
Try to be mentioned and referred to in expert podcasts. Podcast listeners tend to be fully engaged in the topic so it's important to be mentioned organically not to irritate them. Otherwise you may negatively impact their perception of the business.
Clubhouse is right on the heels of TikTok. The platform is based on creating special rooms to hold expert webinars on specific themes. Here you have the space for showing your professionalism and the effectiveness of your brand. An advice for future: never ignore new social platforms – the earlier you get there – the more you will benefit.
Follow latest visual trends in videos. Video cover is crucial in choosing which one to watch, so it is your key point to grab the attention.
Good news for those who don't want to get in new social media: Instagram has recently announced a new feature of so-called rooms – the same as in Clubhouse. Don't miss this possibility!
Last but not least: never forget about copyright to avoid blocking and conflicts.
Artificial intelligence and chatbots are your best helpers in intent creation.
According to a content marketing and SEO timeline by Four Dots, a leading agency in the field, chatbots and artificial intelligence are set to change the way we create and deliver content, and especially how we communicate with the global audience. In fact, they will become inextricable parts of the user experience.
While now it is more targeted to take over routine tasks, AI will continue to evolve and help content creators build better-quality content. If nothing else, AI-driven software can fuel the content-creation process by supplying relevant data, sourcing info and references, and providing authority to everything your marketers write. .
It's also interesting to note that chatbots are becoming smarter by the day, and that they will be used to deliver information and support marketing campaigns more seamlessly. AI will make data analysis more efficient and effective, allowing you to build the chatbot messaging with ultra-personalization.
Enough trends for today!
Next article we will talk about augmented reality, voice search and personalisation importance.
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