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B2B: Surviving in pandemic
Growth or evoluation?
COVID-19 has influenced on all of the spheres of our everyday life. This impact has a huge significance on how we will continue to live and work. No doubt, the sales market has changed irrevocably, as well as the education sphere and many other. Or, should we say EVOLUATED?
The 3 pillars on which B2B sales are based are:
Engaging customers the way that fits their needs (and the way they want to be engaged) .
Instilling AI and machine learning to conduct sales faster and more profitable
Being in constant search of brand new decisions and talents.
The radical growth of digital interaction between customers and sellers is dictated by customers' preference for digitally enabled sales interactions. Increasing amount of products and services is being searched more in social media and mobile apps than on websites. The demand of self-service on all stages of sales has also expanded, as well as the demand for delivery services.

To be profitable in sales, every stage of the customer decision journey must be oriented on minimizing the sellers' involving in the progress of purchasing.

Moreover, B2B sales are now in crisis of searching for selling decisions similar to those provided in B2C. Buyers are much more confident in what they want to see having their personal experience as a customer as a physical client.

The three things buyers value most: speed, transparency, and expertise. Therefore, all of them should be translated through your services. For making your first steps to the top, you should minimize 3 main points: the length of the ordering process, the difficulty of finding products, and technical glitches with ordering.

Hope this note hepled you to fix your thoughts up and decide on the way you want to go in.
We will monitor the situation in the B2B market and write about the latest trends.
Stay tuned!

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